May 4, 2023

Some of my paintings

I haven't posted in forever. And it's come to my attention (thanks, Heather) that I haven't posted many photos of my paintings. So here you go. It's mostly older ones.

I paint with acrylics. Back when I first decided to paint (I used to just sketch with pencils), I chose acrylics because I had a very inquisitive cat that I knew would end up walking on one, and he did. My mother worked in oils, and I loved her paintings, but oils are a lot harder to use and require more planning. Also stinkier. Not for me.

A lot of my paintings are taken from photos by landscape photographer David Muench. (Not the one above of the pink flowers on the railing, though; that's from my own photo from a trip to Marblehead, Massachusetts.) I have several of Muench's books of photography. My paintings don't come out looking like his photos; they're just my interpretation. I tend to keep my paintings to myself because I think they end up looking a bit cartoon-like. I'm also not happy with how the photos of my paintings turn out because photographing paintings isn't easy to do.

Anyway. Here are a couple of related paintings I like that I did for my daughter Samantha. I even had them framed, something I don't do much because it's too expensive. If you want to see them larger, you can click on them.

Here's another of my landscape paintings that I like. It's physically the largest canvas I've ever done.

I like to paint flowers. The first is from a greeting card; the second is a David Muench. The third is a copy of a famous painting that my mother copied in oils when I was a child. Unfortunately, I have no idea whose famous painting it is. If you know, post a comment.

And finally, here's my favorite. It's from a calendar of photos of Monet's Giverny. This one hangs in my bedroom. Unimaginatively, I call it "Big Green Painting."

If you're interested, here are links to the other paintings I've posted here.

Painting a bunch of rocks
Life after death: I want to believe

This is just the start. I have a bunch more that I haven't photographed yet. Plus I've been working on two other series of paintings on and off for awhile. I promise that if and when I finish them, I'll post them.


Heather said...

Billie, while I like them all, especially the two in the middle of the post, the ones with a more stark group of trees, I love Big Green Painting! Landscapes are my favorite kind of paintings and your inspirations are among my favorite artists. Brava!

Onigirli said...

I love Big Green Painting too