Oct 31, 2018

Kara and Desmond Doux

Des is the one showing his belly
Apologies for the quietness when I clearly should be posting kitten pictures.

Oct 4, 2018


Desmond and Kara
It's a boy! And a girl!

Daniel and I went to the local animal rescue on Tuesday, not specifically intending to adopt a kitten, much less two. We looked at all of the adult cats and didn't feel a connection. But then we went into the kitten room, and there they were – an adorable, adoptable sister and brother. I couldn't just take one. Had to take them both. I mean, really. Look at them! Could you have left one of them behind?

Apr 30, 2018

Mar 11, 2018

Save us, Stormy Daniels. The Republicans certainly won't

I've been compulsively watching the news the past couple of years, but haven't posted all that much here about our current president. Mostly because there's just too much going on. The scandals and outrages are coming so thick and fast that it's difficult to keep up.

Feb 23, 2018

Surprisingly fun: Seoul 2006

Little boy reading a lighted ad in the floor
(This is my second post about my trip to Seoul in 2006. Part one is here.)

Seoul is very modern, and very western. While I was disappointed with my more traditional tourism experiences, mostly because it was just too damned hot, I loved absolutely everything else about my trip to Seoul. Along with a terrific and meaningful conference experience, I loved the people, the food, the hotel, and the city of Seoul itself.

Feb 22, 2018

Too hot for tourism: Seoul 2006

I love the Winter Olympics.

However, this is not a piece about the Winter Olympics. For years, I've intended to do a post or two about my trip to Seoul back in 2006. Now's the time.

Feb 14, 2018

Valentine's Day without my fuzzy sweetheart

I love Fox's bunny feet in this one
Roses are red, but I'm still terribly blue about losing my dear Fox. Which means I have a few more cat stories about Fox. And Spike, who died in 2014.

(Includes cute cat photos.)

Feb 2, 2018


I had to say goodbye to my dear kitty Fox yesterday. He would have been 14 in May. As I guess is par for the course after a lifetime of one serious disease after another, he had a strange and confusing final illness. And as is par for the course for me, I've been second guessing my decision to let him go, even though I know deep down it was the right one.