Dec 16, 2018

Shoot us both, Spock

It's been quite awhile since I adopted a kitten. I've never adopted two at once, much less siblings that feed on each other's energy. There has always been an adult cat around to keep the new kitten in line, too. There is no adult cat here now. It's a bit overwhelming.

I've learned several things about half-grown kitten siblings since October:

They gallop around the house together constantly in order to create the maximum volume of thundering paws, making their humans feel sorry for the new tenant downstairs.

They are strong enough to knock down small pieces of furniture, often at the end of a gallop. That happened just this morning.

They will run over human feet if those feet are in the path of a gallop. (Gallops usually end on the cat tree. They love their cat tree. They practically live on it.)

They like to invent games, like let's knock over all of the shampoo and body wash bottles on the bathtub ledges while rattling the shower curtain. This particular game is best played in the middle of the night when humans are sleeping.

They can hear the sound of someone picking up a plastic pouch two rooms away, even when it isn't a pouch of cat treats.

They have not yet decided who will be head cat. This power struggle includes a great deal of wrestling, vampiric neck-biting, and throwing each other off the cat tree.

They are carrying out a concerted, two-pronged attack on the television – in front, behind, to the side, stretching up to the top. (Humans are countering this assault by covering the TV with empty Amazon boxes at night.)

There are never enough cat toys.

Power cords are not power cords. They are delicious strings of cat licorice.

Any crumpled tissue existing in the apartment will be torn apart into dozens of small pieces and spread everywhere.

Cameras are fascinating.

Toilet paper cannot be kept in its holder, or it will be batted at, unrolled and subsequently shredded into long strips covering the bathroom and hallway floors. Also, toilet seats must be kept closed at all times, or kitty expeditions down into the interesting bowl of water will occur.

When a human is showering, they will throw themselves at the closed bathroom door and meow loudly.

Periods of activity are punctuated by nap time, during which they look so incredibly cute that it's difficult to remember all of the above.


sunbunny said...

"Power cords are not power cords. They are delicious strings of cat licorice.

Any crumpled tissue existing in the apartment will be torn apart into dozens of small pieces and spread everywhere."

My puppy does both these things. She's bitten through two phone cords as of typing this (I'm sure the number will go up) and is a very enthusiastic tissue/napkin/paper towel destroyer. My first dog Beau was like that too.

Two kittens at once sounds like a massive handful. I've only ever had one kitten and I was a child at the time meaning my parents were taking care of all the kitten-induced craziness (although I honestly don't remember any).

The things we do to accommodate our furbabies, it's amazing.

Carole said...

My Max and Molly were just like that as kittens. As senior citizens now, they mostly sleep, but there are still those rampaging moments through the house every once in a while for Max, and Molly still hasn't seen a door she can't help but close with herself stuck inside the room!

Billie Doux said...

We've been covering all exposed cords with this cord wrap. It works:

Carole, are Max and Molly siblings?

sunbunny said...

Thanks Billie!

ChrisB said...

LOL! Sounds like you have your hands full. But, my goodness, they are just too cute!

drnanamom said...

So cute and such creators of chaos! I had two kittens, a brother and sister years ago before I developed asthma. My favourite memory is of them shredding my curtains! It sounds like yours are little destructos as well but they will grow up and be less destructive but not less cute.

Skye francis-maidstone said...

They sound exactly like my 2 grey sisters i got 3-4 months ago. I had to rescue one from the toilet within the first month.

After charging about for a while and/or killing each other they then sleep like the dead. Cuddly sleepy toys.

For some reason they go crazy when the doorbell rings. Maybe theyve ordered some cat treats on my amazon echo somehow