Oct 4, 2018


Desmond and Kara
It's a boy! And a girl!

Daniel and I went to the local animal rescue on Tuesday, not specifically intending to adopt a kitten, much less two. We looked at all of the adult cats and didn't feel a connection. But then we went into the kitten room, and there they were – an adorable, adoptable sister and brother. I couldn't just take one. Had to take them both. I mean, really. Look at them! Could you have left one of them behind?

After a lot of discussion, we named the girl Kara (after Supergirl) and the boy Desmond (after the time traveler on Lost). We weren't able to get a good photo at home yet because they move too quickly and won't pose together, but the vet managed to get a terrific photo for us. They're three months old, each weigh about two and a half pounds, and they're very social and friendly already, clearly thrilled to be in a home instead of a cage.

The names absolutely work for me, although I've already mentioned to friends that "Kara and Desmond" sound a bit like a rich, snooty couple who drink champagne and drive around in an Aston-Martin.


sunbunny said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Give them a cuddle for me. UGH Kittens. Kittens are so amazing. Just a little bit jealous...

A big welcome to Desmond and Kara Doux. Be nice to your people.

ChrisB said...

OMG! These two are just way too cute. Congratulations on the newest members of your family.