Dec 24, 2021

I'm dreaming of a sane 2022

I'm lucky. My household bubble includes Sammie and two mischievous young cats, so I haven't been alone for these past two years. I have a shabby apartment that nonetheless boasts a beautiful view of the mountains and the city. We have enough to eat and can pay the rent.

And yet, I've been uncommunicative and depressed. Yeah, I know, what else is new, Billie. We're all depressed. We're all waiting for the effing pandemic to end, and it just effing won't. I've been vaxxed and boosted and I'm still reluctant to go anywhere because my lungs are damaged and it seems more than just possible that covid-19 could kill me. I want to stay alive more than I want to go to a restaurant or the movies.

Even writing has become difficult, and I'm all about the writing. Getting a review out is harder than it has ever been. Usually, when I'm feeling some writers' block, I take a writing break and feel almost immediately better. Not now. Not for months and months.

My depression, in large part, isn't so much the pandemic as it is the terrible things some people are doing. Yay, let's end democracy so that our former orange president can be our brand new dictator. And the whole anti-vaxx thing is inexplicable. How can people be so stupid? It is incomprehensible.

And don't get me started on climate change. I'm starting to believe that we're only going to take massive action after some unbelievable disaster, like losing most of Florida.

This is why I haven't been posting. I knew it would turn into something like this.

So let's turn this around with my hopes for 2022.

Voting rights pass, and democracy continues.
Climate legislation is also passed.
The Dems keep Congress, because sanity.
The former president goes to prison for any one of his many crimes.
Fox News implodes.
Covid calms the fuck down.

I also hope that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is as good as I've been hoping it will be for the last three years.

May you all have a joyous holiday season and a wonderful 2022.

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ChrisB said...

I'm right there with you and your hopes for the new year. It has been a slog the past few, especially the last two. My hope is that in 2022 people remember how to be nice. Or, if that is too much for them, civil.

I with you and Sam a happy holiday week and a wonderful 2022.