Nov 7, 2020


I can't believe it's finally over.

Four years of... well, either you know what I'm going to say about Donald Trump, or you can guess. The only thing I can't understand is how seventy million people could have still voted for that... well, I bet you know what I'm going to call him. He is deserving of all the most scathing insults and swear words. But I'm tired of thinking about him, so maybe not today.

Okay, one thing, in the simplest of terms. Nearly a quarter of a million Americans have died of Covid-19 this year. Trump could have done something – anything – to save them, and he chose, consciously chose, not to even try. Who could look at this level of criminal negligence and say, yeah, I want more of that?

At least I won't have to wake up every morning wondering what corrupt, dangerous, childish or stupid thing Trump did during the night anymore. If he goes quietly. Let's all pray that he goes quietly.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad 45 is no longer President, but he's not gone and won't be. His ilk continues, sadly. There seems to be no getting rid of them! Alas...
Thanks for your writing. Bob G.