May 26, 2019

My outrage won't fit on this blog

I just saw a protest placard that said, "My outrage won't fit on this sign." That touched a chord with me because my outrage won't fit on this blog. I've started writing political diatribes here dozens of times, and each time deleted it unposted. Because what's the point? I don't feel that I have anything new to say that isn't already being said in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Maybe I need to express my anger, though. I'm usually a calm person. Relatively quiet. Absorbed in my writing, reading and painting. Enjoying my cats. But.

I'm angry that twice I have voted for president, my candidate got the most votes, and the Electoral College or Supreme Court gave the presidency to the other guy who turned out to be a god-awful horrible president.

I'm angry that the Republican party won't put a stop to the incompetent narcissist lunatic wannabe fascist they installed in the White House, especially when most of them know exactly what he is and the damage he is doing to our country.

I'm angry that Republican states are again writing laws telling women outright that our lives are less important than a developing clump of cells growing inside our bodies.

I'm angry that Republicans think voter suppression is just fine and dandy because it helps them win elections they shouldn't win. See also their opinion of the fine and dandy Russian meddling in our elections.

I'm very angry that climate change is causing irreparable harm to our planet, and my government won't do a fucking thing to address it. Mostly because of the above-mentioned Republicans that pretend science doesn't exist when it suits them.

And I'm tired of being so incredibly angry.

This isn't democracy. This is dystopia. And I don't know if I can just keep hoping that we'll fix this incredible load of crap in 2020.

Because what if we don't?


franni1 said...

And In UK we woke up this morning to find we are now living in a country happy to elect a fascist majority to represent us in the European parliament. What the hell has happened to our world?

Lori said...

Well, Cousin, I am right there with you. I have days when the anger is so white hot, I can only sputter my outrage. As an almost 66 year old woman in this country, throughout my life I have been marginalized, demonized, ignored, harassed and abused. I am embarrassed to call myself an American. My last trip to Europe, I made sure I had buttons on my handbag that identified me as a Feminist and a “not Trump” person (except in Russia...cause you know....). Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up!

Billie Doux said...

Franni, I'm so sorry this is happening in the UK, too.

Lori, I looked at your Facebook page and am not surprised that *we* are on the same page. :)

Also, sorry for the delay in posting. Whenever I post anything political, I get genuinely nasty comments, so I moderate.

sunbunny said...

Oh, Billie. I'm sorry you're so upset. I am too. So upset, in fact, I've stopped watching MSNBC, which was a daily habit dating back to the Bush administration when I was in high school. I still get the news from my news-addicted parents (my mom has a serious problem...) and of course Twitter.

At least Dubya TRIED to be a good president. He was a good person, he was just surrounded by evil men (one in particular...) and he wasn't smart enough to govern. I can't believe that guy sitting in the WH has made me nostalgic for the Bush administration but there you go.

It's just so frustrating that we're back here after Obama. Like I really thought we were changing for the better as a country and yet here we are, navigating the same racist, sexist battles that I thought were settled before I was born.

I'm also a little panicked because I'm not sure anyone can beat him next November. Biden, maybe. But the rest of them? WE CAN'T DO THIS FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS I PERSONALLY WILL NOT MAKE IT. And impeachment is never going to work because Mitch McConnell would never ever ever allow a vote in the Senate and even if he did we don't have the votes there. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Billie Doux said...

sunbunny, I have tried to stop watching the news but apparently, I still have some hope that at some point, things will start to change. During the Watergate debacle, it was so bad for so long, and then things changed dramatically pretty quickly. One of the news shows yesterday said that T's followers on Twitter are engaging less and less as time goes by. Maybe they're finally getting tired of the reality show.

milostanfield said...

Starting last year I have completely shut off all internet access to news and politics for the entire month of August. I don't watch any news on TV ever. Don't have cable so I'm not even tempted to hate watch Fox News. Highly recommmend this one month detox.

On Sept 1 I'll dive back into the shipwreck cause: self defense. Our country has been taken over by people who have wanted to do exactly what they are doing for generations and we have to fight this, but I just need the chance to breathe a bit and focus on what's right around me. Hang in there everyone!

Billie Doux said...

milostanfield, thank you so much. I've been getting more and more upset and trying to watch less news. As you said, we all need to hang in there. All things must pass.

franni1 said...

I start my day with a bowl of cereal and BBC news on tv , foIlowed by online perusing of the Guardian, which probably doesn’t do my well being any good at all. I’m not sure I could switch it off totally like milostanfield, but I could certainlytry and hit the the pause button for the rest of the month