Jan 24, 2016

Snow Day

Wow, we got a lot of snow this weekend. Quoting the hilarious epistolary novel, The Man Who Wrote Dirty Books by Hal Dresner, "It was an efficient, methodical snowstorm; it covered the ground, the trees, the housetops, the roads, and then it stopped." We got over two feet here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Daniel took a bunch of photos (below are the two best) while he was outside exclaiming about it. Obviously, we lived in southern California way too long.

Fortunately, we had stocked up, plus we never lost power or even internet access. (Knock wood because I suppose we still could.) I finally saw Mad Max: Fury Road, which was one really long car chase. Fortunately, it was a very good really long car chase.

Hope everyone is staying safe out there. Daniel is trying to shovel out his car in increments with lots of breaks. It's a lot of snow, and we never bought a shovel. Dustpans help.


ChrisB said...

Wow! Amazing photos. Glad you both spent the day warm and dry.

Mallena said...

I live in Utah where most people have a snow blower plus a snow shovel or two. I can't imagine living somewhere where it might snow and not owning a shovel. That is funny to me. Stay safe!!