Apr 16, 2014

And now for something completely different: Hummingbirds

I like feeding birds. The first day I was in my new apartment in Los Angeles (omg, 2001), I saw a hummingbird outside my living room window and just went nuts -- they're soooo tiny!  I eventually got a cheap feeder and set it up on my balcony. The cats loved it. Although sometimes Spike got so excited that he would try to go through the screen door, so I would have to block it with cardboard or a box fan. It helps that it's always summer in Los Angeles. Okay, so it's not, but it feels that way when you only get two weeks of winter.

Apr 12, 2014

George W. Bush, portrait artist

Billie's "painting" of Bush from an existing photo
"I think a lot of us wish he had become a painter as opposed to a president. We all could have been saved a lot of trouble." --art critic Deborah Solomon.

I once heard a simile about George W. Bush that stayed with me. It was that he was like a teenager who stole his father's car and crashed it into a brick wall.

Apr 9, 2014

My sister Ruthie

After we lose someone we're very close to, the world is never quite the same. When my sister Ruthie died suddenly in March 1994, it felt like a part of my world just ended, like there was this immense, Ruthie-sized hole in it. We all know intellectually that we will die someday, but that day was when my own death became real to me. If Ruthie could die, then I knew in my heart that I would, too.

Apr 7, 2014

My new life, and my new blog

Yes, it's the Grand Canyon. Big hole in the ground, huh?
Welcome to my new site. Or more accurately, a revamp of my old site. I started billiedoux.com in 2004 and took it down last year when we moved everything to Doux Reviews. And now billiedoux.com is ten years old, but new again.